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If you don't have an Android or iPhone you can also access the Gisges messages you have been sent by using the web app while on your smartphone.


Some of the best cafes, bars, and restaurants in Helsinki are already delivering a range of tasty surprises through Gisges right now, and there are more coming everyday.

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About Us

People have always done imaginative and creative things to surprise others. We're building Gisges to continue that tradition and make it much much easier, so you can do it everyday! We want to help people surprise their friends with creative and fun gestures, while promoting Helsinki’s burgeoning food culture and adding some flavor to everyone’s messages.


Gisges is short for Give Some Get Some and it's pronounced Gis-guess or Gisguess. It might look a little funny at first glance but it's just six letters and we're sure you'll learn to love it very soon.

Want To Join The Gisges Team?

If you want to help us make the world a little more surprising and flavourful send us an email at and tell us your story.

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